Saturday, May 3, 2008

If We Are To Survive...

If We Are to Survive . . . . .
". . . . . if humanity is to survive, if it is to repair the damage done to the earth, then the human race must unite and unite firmly in spirit! No race, no people should be left out of the great quest for human spiritual unity, which will travel then to all races, all religions, all cultures, for unity among us, the human inhabitants of this earth.

What breaks my heart is that spiritual people don't want to unite. They don't want to even talk to each other. You find groups which do their own thing, ignoring others as if they are the sole possessors of the great truth of eternity. They are not. They are just silly little children playing with something they found on the dusty road. We must unite! There are things to be discovered. There are searches to be made. There is a cleaner, healthier world to build and it can be done by uniting human beings across every spectrum of human society."

~ Spoken by Credo Vusamazulu Mutwa, leader and Spiritual leader of the Zulu Nation. [1997]

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